Acts 2 Journey
During the Acts 2 Journey Cohort, Vision Teams from each church work together to create a three-year strategic plan based on the five functions of a Spirit-empowered church described in Acts 2:42-47. Below, you’ll find digital resources and blog articles for each of the five functions designed to augment your team’s strategic plan. To purchase resources related to the Acts 2 Journey click the Store button. If you are a certified Acts 2 Journey facilitator, click the Trainer Resource Login to access the secure resource portal.

You or Your Organization May Be Plateaued If...

It’s the bane of the plateaued organization—a past that knew some success now magnified into a history we wish to repeat. Talk of yesterday is a waiting syllable on the tongue of leaders who struggle to find today’s solutions. Remember when…somehow manages to slip into every effort to determine what now.

Creating Kid-Friendly Environments

When Jesus put His arm around a young child and mentioned that the kingdom of God belonged to these, He likely stunned and confused the adults around Him. Seeing Him welcome children to His lap makes us like Him a lot, but does it impact our ministry thoughts?

Acts 2 Journey Vision Inventory

Dr. Ron McManus has developed a brief, easy-to-use inventory for Acts 2 Journey church Vision Teams to use as they revisit their strategic plan objectives one year after their vision launch that follows the conclusion of the Acts 2 Journey cohort.

Alton Garrison Discusses Church Recalibration

Download and listen to this episode of the Influence Podcast in which Alton Garrison discusses the blend of Spirit and strategy present in the Acts 2 template for church recalibration.

Acts2 Journey News and Information

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Church Assessment Tool

The Acts 2 Church Survey is a fully validated church health survey for Spirit-Empowered local churches. Focusing on twelve church health factors, the survey can help you to identify your church’s strengths and challenges in order to pursue the best paths to greater ministry effectiveness.

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