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During the Acts 2 Journey Cohort, Vision Teams from each church work together to create a three-year strategic plan based on the five functions of a Spirit-empowered church described in Acts 2:42-47. Below, you’ll find digital resources and blog articles for each of the five functions designed to augment your team’s strategic plan. To purchase resources related to the Acts 2 Journey click the Store button. If you are a certified Acts 2 Journey facilitator, click the Trainer Resource Login to access the secure resource portal.

The Evangelism Conundrum

In this article and accompanying video clip, Acts 2 Journey team member Dr. Mike Clarensau calls attention to an unsettling reality in many local churches: While evangelism is often the subject we hear most about from the pulpit, it is the biblical function that we consider ourselves least effective in carrying out as a church body. Dr. Clarensau offers a potential cause for the problem and invites teams to consider how they might re-orient their evangelism efforts in response.

Increase Involvement Through Relationships

What are the best relational settings in your church? Is that small groups or Sunday school? Is it a regular rally or fellowship event? Whatever it might be, you need to get your guests involved in the first 6-8 weeks after their initial visit.

Re-Thinking What We Communicate to Guests

Our Sunday services are typically a practiced journey through a very familiar order of service. We do the things we do and do them to the best of our ability. And, our congregation has learned to appreciate, value, and even be proud of each part. It’s our thing and we do it as well as we can. But is your “thing” revealing what you are really passionate about? Use the video and questions to stimulate discussion for your team.

Preparing Gifts for Guests

Providing gifts for guests creates a fun, friendly, first experience with your church. Do everything you can to be sure the gift can do just that. The ideal guest gift is one that says, “those people really liked me.” And it keeps saying it long after the first visit.

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Church Assessment Tool

The Acts 2 Church Survey is a fully validated church health survey for Spirit-Empowered local churches. Focusing on twelve church health factors, the survey can help you to identify your church’s strengths and challenges in order to pursue the best paths to greater ministry effectiveness.

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