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Church Health College Courses


The Acts 2 Journey Team can provide your university or seminary with up to four graduate-level courses that will equip students for more effective leadership in the local church. These courses not only deliver the essential content of the Acts 2 Journey experience, but also take an in-depth look at the three of the most significant priorities for a healthy church—leadership development, conflict management, and the health of the ministry leader.


The four courses (listed below) can be assembled in a 12-hour “specialization” that can be added to an M.A. in Practical Theology, M.Div., or any other ministry-related degree you may offer. If your school already offers courses in these additional areas, then consider creating a “specialization” with the core A2J course along with courses you already offer.


The Acts 2 Journey Team can provide qualified (D.Min.) faculty to teach these courses. These courses are available and ready for immediate implementation. We can also provide teaching materials to your existing faculty, if desired, but would request that only a trained and qualified Acts 2 Journey facilitator be used to teach the core A2J course.


Here are the available courses:   



This course addresses the needs of existing churches in 21st century American settings. The student will be taught evaluation skills designed to assess the health of existing churches. Special emphasis will be given to congregations that are either plateaued or declining. Strategies will be presented designed to lead such churches to renewed health and subsequent growth. Attention will be given to the needs of congregations that are currently growing but will face potential plateauing and decline if they do not take necessary steps that will enhance the likelihood of continued growth. 



This course addresses the need of developing leaders in churches to work in a team. The student will be taught skills needed to build leaders to assist the pastor with building a church. Special emphasis will be given to develop leaders within the ACTS 2 process. Strategies will be presented designed to develop leaders and equip a team of leaders to work effectively together with understanding and mutual regard to accomplish God-given purposes and goals and then to multiply leaders.



This course provides an examination of the dynamics of leading congregations through the various phases of church life, especially as difficult situations arise. Students will develop a biblical and practical understanding of how to deal with difficult people and situations of conflict arising from church life and church growth. The course will address issues related to fairness, compromise, conciliation, and cooperation. Special focus will be given to the leader’s conflict management style as well as the pivotal role of the leader in conflict management.



This course addresses the challenges leaders face in establishing and maintaining a life characterized by spiritual and emotional health and explore the importance of prioritizing healthy strategies for effective and enduring ministry. The student will explore the Bible’s pattern and engage its proven wisdom for addressing the core challenges to such a life presented by modern culture. Special emphasis will be given to developing the student’s own health strategies and the guidelines that will sustain that health. Assignments will provide the student with tools for use throughout a life of ministry leadership.
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The Acts 2 Church Survey is a fully validated church health survey for Spirit-Empowered local churches. Focusing on twelve church health factors, the survey can help you to identify your church’s strengths and challenges in order to pursue the best paths to greater ministry effectiveness.

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