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Look beyond traditional metrics.

Receive a detailed picture of your church's health in missional effectiveness and disciple making. To get started, click the Assessment Login button below.

Health Metrics Calculator

Enter your name, email address, and your church’s information in the fields below to receive your free detailed report and explanation of the five metrics for measuring Spirit-empowered church health:

  • Missional Effectiveness:
    How many attendees does it take to produce a convert in a calendar year?
  • Assimilation Effectiveness:
    Is our church maintaining connection with converts long enough to guide them toward water baptism?
  • Kingdom Growth:
    Are baptized converts becoming full-fledged members of the community of faith?
  • Discipleship and Mobilization:
    Are converts pursuing Spirit baptism to propel them toward reaching others with the gospel?
  • Reproduction:
    Are we reproducing Spirit-empowered believers to serve as future leaders?
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Assess what's mission critical.

Statistically Validated

After much study and years of consulting with hundreds of Spirit-empowered congregations, the Acts 2 Journey team developed a fully validated church health assessment for Spirit-empowered local churches. 

Tailored Focus

The Acts 2 Church Survey is designed specifically for Spirit-empowered churches. Given the ongoing growth of Pentecostal and Charismatic churches in the United States and around the world, it’s evident that such unique focus is necessary for these churches to gain the assessment help that truly fits their ministries.

In-depth Analysis

The survey analyzes twelve health factors that center on the missional effectiveness of the local congregation:

Timely Results

Create a customizable survey link and send an email invitation to the congregation to take the 15-minute survey. Receive a detailed report when the survey period closes.

Acts2 Journey News and Information

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Church Assessment Tool

The Acts 2 Church Survey is a fully validated church health survey for Spirit-Empowered local churches. Focusing on twelve church health factors, the survey can help you to identify your church’s strengths and challenges in order to pursue the best paths to greater ministry effectiveness.

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