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We are excited to offer the Acts 2 Church assessment tool designed specifically for Spirit-empowered local churches. To purchase the online assessment, click the Assessment Login button below.

For a free option, download the A.C.T.S. gifts assessment, which is part of the Acts Grow Track. Use this paper-and-pencil assessment to help you better understand the gift-mix of your leaders or congregation in four areas:

  • Abilities
  • Calling
  • Temperament
  • Spiritual Gifts

To download this gifts assessment in Spanish, click here. If you would like to make the A.C.T.S. gifts assessment available to your leadership team or congregation to complete online, email acts2@ag.org.

Understand the Church Assessment Tool

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Background on the Survey

With the contributions of a team of research specialists and the help of more than 40 pilot churches, the Acts 2 Journey team developed a fully validated church health assessment for Spirit-empowered local churches.

After much study and years of consulting with hundreds of Spirit-empowered congregations, this survey was assembled. The subsequent testing and in-depth validation process brought twelve church health factors to the forefront for healthy churches. 

Why the Acts 2 Church Survey was Developed

There are various assessment tools available to pastors and church leaders, and each brings a level of value to the ministries they assess. Alongside such tools, the Acts 2 Church Survey targets a unique purpose with its additional focus on Spirit-empowerment. Given the ongoing growth of Pentecostal and Charismatic churches in the United States and around the world, it’s evident that such unique focus is necessary for these churches to gain the assessment help that truly fits their ministries.

What the Survey Measures

The Acts 2 Church Survey is designed to help Spirit-empowered churches identify their church health strengths and challenges in order to pursue the best paths to greater ministry effectiveness. The survey analyzes twelve health factors that center on the missional effectiveness of the local congregation. The twelve factors are listed below:

  • Serve/Go: Community Engagement
  • Church Conflict
  • Worship
  • Go: Spirit-Empowered
  • Connect: Guest Welcoming
  • Connect: Internal Relationships
  • Connect: Small Groups
  • Connect: Social Flexibility
  • Grow: Spiritual Vitality
  • Serve: Personal Involvement
  • Worship: Stewardship
  • Spirit-Empowered

Among the twelve factors, four clearly have risen above the rest. These “big four” repeatedly demonstrated the strongest connection to Spirit-empowered church health to such a significant degree that it seems unlikely for a church that struggles in these areas to be considered healthy. For that reason, the Acts 2 Church Survey focuses its greatest attention on these “big four.”

  • Serve/Go: Community Engagement – the most critical factor!
  • Church Conflict
  • Worship
  • Go: Spirit-Empowered

What You Will Receive

Purchasing the online survey instrument enables the user to create a customizable survey link to distribute to the church congregation digitally, printed in a church bulletin, or as a special announcement. When the user launches the survey, the link automatically becomes active for a period of up to three weeks so that the congregation attendees can take the survey. (The 75-question survey can typically be completed in less than 15 minutes). Based upon the survey responses from your congregation, you’ll receive a detailed report with various steps and ideas to help your local church rise to a new level for each of the twelve health factors. In addition, you’ll see a 1-9 scale ranking that shows the relative strength of each factor in your church based on responses to the survey. An example is shown below:

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Church Assessment Tool

The Acts 2 Church Survey is a fully validated church health survey for Spirit-Empowered local churches. Focusing on twelve church health factors, the survey can help you to identify your church’s strengths and challenges in order to pursue the best paths to greater ministry effectiveness.

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