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The Ministry of Greeters

The above video is an example of greeter training material. Pastors and leaders, perhaps might have some ideas on how to train greeters at your church while watching. As your Vision Team develops strategy as part of your Acts 2 Journey, consider providing training resources like this to those who serve on your church's ministry teams. A script for the attached video is available for download below.

  • Are our greeters our friendliest people? Why not? People who are socially awkward are still valuable to God’s kingdom, but they shouldn’t be out front when we are welcoming people, especially our guests.
  • What training do we provide for our greeters? How might we best equip our greeters to represent us most effectively?
  • What happens to guests once they get past our greeters? Is there a lonely walk ahead? Where do guests sit in our auditorium? Do we want to leave that up to them?

Here are a few more questions to consider:

  • What is your church’s current guest return rate? If you don’t have the information needed to calculate this, what is your general impression of your church’s guest return rate
  • If the guest return rate of your local guests (the percentage of those who live in the area and don’t regularly attend another church) is less than fifty percent, what might be hindering them from choosing to return?
  • What is your church’s guest retention rate(the percentage of guests still attending six months to a year later)? If you don’t have the information needed to calculate this, what is your general impression of your church’s guest retention rate?
  • If your guest retention rate is less than twenty percent, what might be hindering them from connecting to your church?
  • Who in your church could help you better understand the gap between your church and the unchurched people of your community? What steps can you take to gain insight from such people?

What steps do we need to take in maximizing our greeter ministry?


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