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Measuring Up: How metrics bring health into clearer focus

Why Metrics?

While most of us recognize that the relationship between church size and church health should not be assumed, the effectiveness of the local church often continues to be judged by its size, whether measured by attendance or financial resources. Frankly, in the absence of other means of measurement, such raw data measures as “nickels and noses” become the sole voice in any discussion concerning local church effectiveness.


While the term “metric” can refer to any form or standard of measurement, in modern use the term typically refers to the combining of two or more measures in order to demonstrate relationships between these elements and the efficiencies that can be achieved. For example, the relatively new science of baseball metrics generally refers to various calculations that combine at least two raw data measures into a single result or ratio for comparison. In baseball, a pitcher’s WHIP is the calculation of walks and hits to innings pitched. Of course, walks, hits, and innings pitched are raw data elements that can also be measured independently, but combining them into a single calculation will better demonstrate a pitcher’s efficiency and overall effectiveness.


Today, these types of metrics are used in nearly every industry or organization. They tend to dig a bit deeper and tell a more complete story of our efficiency or effectiveness. And, while at first glance they might seem to be more complicated than their raw data predecessors, some of the most helpful metrics are surprisingly simple to measure.

Why Multiple Measures?

Since 2012, the Acts 2 Journey team has been using various church metrics to help local, state, and national leaders better determine the health of local congregations.


In the report available for download below, these and other suggested metrics are explained and illustrated so that any pastor can take advantage of the insights they provide.


As you will see, each suggested metric seeks to answer a specific question of effectiveness within the local church, identifies the data to be used in the metric, and provides a healthy target to work toward. Additionally, the primary ways to impact each metric are prescribed so the pastor and his leadership team can begin identifying steps to take to improve that particular factor in the health of their congregation.

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Church Assessment Tool

The Acts 2 Church Survey is a fully validated church health survey for Spirit-Empowered local churches. Focusing on twelve church health factors, the survey can help you to identify your church’s strengths and challenges in order to pursue the best paths to greater ministry effectiveness.

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