New Vision for Medart Assembly

Love God, Connect People, and Change the World!

That is more than a new vision statement for Medart Assembly of God in Crawford, Fla., says Pastors Nick and Shannon Chisler. They see it as a mandate for every believer, and the church is taking steps to work toward it.

In 2016, Nick met with Ron McManus, a national consultant for the Acts 2 Journey. During their conversation Nick realized the Acts 2 process to better church health was the strategic boost that Medart Assembly needed in order reach its next level of ministry potential.

"The church had been struggling for years, long before I became the pastor," Nick says. "We hadn't had a communicable vision for a long time. We desperately needed it."

According to Nick, one of the added benefits of attending the Acts 2 sessions with other leaders from the West Florida District was the reassurance he received that other churches were going through similar struggles.

"I don't know how to express my gratitude to AGTrust for giving us an opportunity to complete the Acts 2 Journey. Our church would not have been able to afford to go through the journey to better health if it hadn’t been for the generous giving of AGTrust partners."

Currently, 972 churches from 34 districts have participated in the Acts 2 Journey. A total of 641 of those 972 churches have received a scholarship to enable them to participate, thanks to the support of you, our AGTrust donors.

Medart Assembly of God, Crawfordville, Florida
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