Acts 2 Journey Resources

A Spirit-Empowered Church: An Acts 2 Ministry Model

by Alton Garrison

It’s not a mystery why some churches grow, some remain stagnant, and others decline. The biblical principles for spiritual multiplication are evident in the pages of the Scriptures… if we’ll only notice them.

In A Spirit-Empowered Church, Alton Garrison points us to the heart of dynamic church growth: creating Spirit-empowered disciples who are involved in five activities—connect, grow, serve, go, and worship—to change individuals, families, and communities with the love and power of God’s mighty Spirit. Combining a strong biblical approach with inspirational insights and personal stories, Garrison shares the Acts 2 church model that can renew the spiritual vitality of your congregation.

The church of Acts 2 turned the first-century world upside down for Jesus. God wants to use your church to do the same today.

A Spirit-Empowered Life: Discover the World-Changing Journey God Has Designed for You

by Mike Clarensau

How do you pursue the fullness of God?

In his new book, author Mike Clarensau examines five action steps toward a Spirit-empowered life: connect, grow, serve, go, and worship.

A Spirit-Empowered Life features stories of others living out these steps as well as a “Think About It” section at the end of each chapter. Engage the material and explore how to apply it to your own life. Get started on a path today to pursue God’s absolute best in every area of your life.

The Acts 2 Church and Implementation Guide

by Alton Garrison

In this handy booklet, Alton Garrison explains a simple philosophy for church growth—follow what the Early Church did in the Book of Acts. Recently revised and expanded, The Acts 2 Church provides ideas to get you going and resources to equip you to lead a healthy, growing church. It also offers the ability to help you evaluate and analyze where your church is now and where you want it to be. Based on Acts 2:42-47, The Acts 2 Church finds its footing in five areas of the church: worship, connect, grow, serve, and go.

From Belonging to Becoming

by Mike Clarensau

What if we put belonging first like Jesus did?

Warm handshakes, artsy visitor cards, info desks—even good coffee—won’t make visitors feel welcome in a church that expects people to believe the right things and change their behavior before they’re allowed to belong.

Many churches, even really good ones, have mastered the believe-and-become-before-you-belong paradigm of accepting people into their fellowship. We say: choose to believe what we believe, become like us in your behavior, and then you can belong here.

One day, Mike Clarensau asked himself the question: “What if we put belonging first, like Jesus did?” Christ welcomed people to follow Him without proclamations of faith or fruits of repentance. When Mike acted on that thought, his view of people changed, and his church set about loving people unconditionally. The congregation put belonging ahead of believing and becoming. When it did, people’s lives and the life of the church were powerfully transformed—and more than a few got saved.

In From Belonging to Becoming: The Power of Loving People Like Jesus Did, Mike shares what happened in his church and how it can happen in yours.

360-Degree Disciple

by Alton Garrison

Discover how to produce transformed, godly disciples who circle around to draw others to Christ. This handbook will challenge you to evaluate your own spiritual walk as well as explore the various stages of discipleship— from knowing Christ to becoming a mature leader who disciples others. A special section covers discipling children, youth, families, and people of diverse ethnicities. (Updated and expanded, previously published as Building the Winning Team.) Paper.

Congregational Assessment

The Congregational Assessment will help you “take the temperature” of your leaders, and perhaps, each team of leaders in your church. With the information you derive, you and your leaders will be able to form strategic plans based on solid feedback, not just guesses about the church’s needs and goals.