What is the Acts 2 Journey Initiative?

Our goal is to help you fulfill your God-given vision.

A transformative process led by an experienced team to help you fulfill
the vision you have to strengthen your church spiritually, numerically
and relationally. Let the Acts 2 Journey help you:

  • Retain guests
  • Improve assimilation methods
  • Enhance the worship experience
  • Cultivate discipleship strategies
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Create teams
  • Equip leaders
  • Become more outward focused

Our Mission

Our mission is that every church becomes an Acts 2 Church.

The Acts 2 Experience–Acts 2:4
The Acts 2 Message–Acts 2:14
The Acts 2 Model–Acts 2:42-47

The Acts 2:42-47 Model


Fellowship and evangelism




Ministry gifts, outreach, building up the body, caring for the community


Discipleship, evangelism, missions


Corporate praise, prayer, teaching and singing

The Acts 2 Model

One size does not fit all

The Acts 2 Journey is not a “cookie cutter” approach to church health. Every
church is different in context, size, location, culture, personality, strengths,
and weaknesses. However, we have discovered several common needs
churches seem to have. In one survey, eight significant needs surfaced.

The top three were:

  1. Volunteer recruitment (how to get people from the pew into lay
    ministry and how to move people from spectators to participants)
  2. Spiritual formation (discipleship deficiencies have become a
    real problem–how to get people to practice what they say
    they believe)
  3. Leadership development (how can I become a more effective leader
    that develops other leaders)

The remaining five were:

  1. Administration
  2. Relationships
  3. Parenting
  4. Communication
  5. Becoming more missional (how to get people more
    outward focused)

Many of you may identify with these findings. Whether you have one or
many of the needs mentioned, we absolutely believe every pastor and
person has a next-level potential and are convinced that every church,
including yours, also has a next-level potential.