Acts 2 Journey Cohort

In the remaining months of 2017 and in 2018, Acts 2 Journey cohorts are scheduled to begin in the following districts:

Arkansas (October 2017)
Dominican Republic (Spanish + English; December 2017)
Mississippi (January 2018)
North Carolina (East and Central; October & November 2017)
South Georgia Church of God (September 2017)
South Texas (October 2017)
Southern California (March 2018)
Tennessee (January 2018)
Wisconsin/Northern Michigan (September 2017)

The Acts 2 Journey cohort consists of four weekend retreats over the course of a year.

Each retreat begins with a Friday event for pastors and spouses from 2-6 p.m. and addresses leading change, conflict resolution, time management, recruiting team members, casting vision, communication, etc.

Each retreat also involves a Saturday event for pastors, spouses and the vision team that pastors select. Pastors are asked to bring 8-15 people from their church–people who will help them plan the future of their congregation. The vision team can consist of deacons, staff members, and other influencers from a wide range of ages. The vision team is critical to the process as it will have full ownership of the Acts 2 Journey and will prove to be a great asset in helping you plan and launch the strategy that will emerge.

Retreat 1: “Why do we exist?” and “Where are we going?”
The team focuses on their congregational realities; embraces its mission; and develops the unique, motivating, and guiding vision statement for the church.

Retreat 2: “How do we behave?”
The team discovers the church’s individual DNA and the values that will determine how the church utilizes its resources.

Retreat 3: “How do we achieve our goals?”
The team constructs a strategic plan based on the Acts 2 model (Connect, Grow, Serve, Go, and Worship).

Retreat 4: “Launching the vision”
Each team presents its two- to three-year strategic plan to the group and receives instruction on practical ways to communicate vision and change in the local church setting. Sometime after Retreat 4, the church will hold its own vision Sunday and present its new vision statement and strategic plan to the congregation.